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The Amerapeutic system is the latest technology by Americana for therapy management. Developed with over 20 years of experience providing software systems for the healthcare industry, has established a simple to use program that is sure to help any therapy company become successful.

Whether you operating a full service therapy company or managing a rehab department, Amerapeutic can take care of your software needs. With our fully integrated system in place, there is no need for your staff to deal with multiple entries of the same information. From admissions to financials, Amerapeutic is simple to use, reduces chance of error, streamlines data processing and creates an efficient environment for data management.

The Amerapeutic system is made up of six modules listed below. Amerapeutic is also offered in two platforms, an application version as well as a web based version. Please feel free to contact our representatives to discuss details for which option works best for your organization.


CATT Rehab Charting

  • Admission By Discipline
  • Census and Covered Day Tracking
  • Full ICD9 Diagnosis Database
  • Automated 700 & 701 Forms
  • Progress Notes, Daily Notes with spell check
  • Simple Code Charting By Discipline
  • PPS RUG Manager and Tracker Reports
  • Part A and Part B Logs
  • Therapist Message Center
  • Auto Tracks and Calculates for 75/25 and 3hr Rules
  • Integrated with AmeraCare’s Clinical & Billing System

Accounts Receivable

  • Multiple Account Setup
  • Auto Charge Posting from CATT Charting System
  • Invoice Generation and Printing
  • Payment Posting
  • On Screen Account Leger
  • Monthly Detailed A/R Reporting
  • Aging Reports

Medicare Billing

  • Census Reporting
  • Medicare Part A and B Billing w/ Electronic 837i or 837p Claim Submission
  • Multiple Secondary Insurance Setup
  • Ancillary Charge Entry
  • Auto Charge Posting from CATT Charting System
  • Medicare Part A and B Log Reporting
  • UB04 Claim Form Printing
  • Electronic Payment Posting

Accounts Payable

  • Easy Vendor Account Setup
  • Invoice Entry
  • Re-Occurring Invoice Setup
  • Multiple Expense Account Disbursements
  • Customized Check Printing Options
  • Cash In Bank Monitoring
  • Multiple Reporting Capabilities


  • Employee Setup
  • Deduction / Withholding Setup
  • Productivity Reporting
  • Departmentalized Staffing Expense
  • Customized Check Printing Options
  • Direct Deposit File Generation
  • Quarterly Form Printing
  • Annual Forms And W-2 Printing
  • Multiple Reporting Capabilities

General Ledger

  • Chart Of Account Setup
  • Budget Reporting
  • Detail Posting Reports
  • Financial Statement
  • Multiple Reporting Options

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