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Customer Corner

      Technical Support

Welcome to the new PBJ Resources page, we will be uploading training videos to WWW.YOUTUBE.COM to provide the most efficient and easiest method for training your staff.

In the meantime, feel free to click on the links below for PBJ information, our manual, and resources on the CMS and QTSO web sites.


      Ameracare PBJ User Guide

      CMS PBJ Site

      CMS PBJ Policy Manual

      CMS PBJ FAQ Sheet (1)

      CMS PBJ FAQ Sheet (2)

      QTSO PBJ Sign up page


      PBJ Videos on YouTube

      (1) Ameracare Help Menu

      (2) Employee Change PBJ Info 1

      (3) Employee Change PBJ Info 2

      (4) Enter Employee PBJ Info

      (5) Employee PBJ Setup

      (6) Import PBJ Timeclock Data

      (7) PBJ Quarterly Report

      (8) Enter PBJ Hours

      (9) PBJ Monthly Report

      (10) Import PBJ Therapy Data

      (11) CMS PBJ Policy Manual

      (12) PBJ Comparison Reports


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